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Frequently asked questions

Images of England Exemption Scheme

Q. What is the Images of England Exemption Scheme?
A: This scheme was implemented for owners or occupiers of listed houses that were visible from publicly accessible land. Under the exemption scheme, owners and occupiers can apply to have the internet publication of the photograph of their home postponed. During the exemption period, the photograph will be held in the Historic England Archive.

Q. Are all listed buildings eligible for the Exemption Scheme?
A: The Exemption Scheme only applies to listed buildings visible from publicly accessible land that are solely used for residential accommodation for no more than two households. Agricultural and other non-residential buildings visible from publicly accessible land are not included in the exemption scheme.

If the building could not be photographed from publicly accessible land the exemption did not need to be applied for as permission for photography was simply withheld.

Q. How can I receive information about the exemption scheme?
A. In order to receive information about the exemption scheme, please email: or write to:

Archive Services
Historic England
The Engine House
Fire Fly Avenue

Please note that the inclusion of a listed building on this website does not mean it is open to the public.