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ObjectiveNorth Street in the early twentith century from 'Bygone Bristol - Bedminster/Ashton' by kind permission of  Janet and Derek Fisher.

To see how the function of the factory building has changed through time

Possible Activities

Visit the Tobacco Factory and North Street. Photograph the changes in the street. How has the function of the Wills Factory changed? What is the Tobacco Factory used for now? Can change be a positive experience?

Can we mix modern architecture with old? Find other examples. Research the Tobacco Factory webpage, electricdecember, Bristol and bring information back to class. Each group collate information – what are the issues socially and economically?

A modern view of North Street and The Tobacco Factory taken by Keith ChristmasHas saving the Tobacco Factory helped the community to flourish?

Is it better to renovate and use old buildings?

Discuss the issues.


A debate – saving buildings, each group present their information, make an image album using power point,

a display or presentation to an audience e.g. school, local community, I.C.T. Links

Please note that the inclusion of a listed building on this website does not mean it is open to the public.