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To discuss the Wills Girls newspaper cuttings and how we interpret this information

Possible activities

Class look at the photos without the text. Discuss together: when was it taken – who might the people in the photo be. Why was the photo taken? Develop the story around the photo through role play. Present to the class.

Click on the photograph to view the newspaper cuttings for 1967

Read and discuss together the text that goes with the photo – what does it tell us about the Wills girls? Can the photos be sorted into chronological order? Does the text enhance our understanding of the photos? Are their lives different from women at work now – compare their lives with present day

Do newspaper cuttings help us to understand the past?


Each group present their understanding of the Wills girls photos. As a class discuss findings.

Children should learn to

Understand the importance of photos as a window into the past.

Click on the photograph to see 1980s newspaper cuttings.

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