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To find out what it was like to be a Wills girl by interviewing Wills Girls in the area

Possible Activities

  • Brainstorm what they could ask the Wills girls
  • What do they want to know? Prioritise with the class three main questions to ask and decide on the length of the film
  • Design an advert to put in the paper, local shops, ask relations, visit Old People’s Home – talk to residents*
  • Inform the office and ask the secretary what is happening
  • Make a timetable for the visitors into the school – inform all the staff
  • Organisation: Each group given timetable to interview Wills Girls
  • Film the interviews and edit


Paul Matson from and Year 6 pupils from Luckwell Primary School interview the Wills Girls


  • Year 6 visit a local residential home [It helps to establish a good relationship with the staff and residents. One way to break the ice is to visit at the home at Christmas and sing and have a chat before the children do the project].
  • electricdecember project.
  • Wills girls as drama, role play,
  • A video of the interviews presented to the school, parents, Wills Girls, local residential home
  • An intranet or web page link to other schools locally, globally


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