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Estate Agents Records
Sale Catalogue for Farleigh Hungerford House and Castle,  1891, NMR archives ref.  SC00911

Records deposited by an estate agent [also those deposited by solicitors] should include material relating to individual buildings. These will typically include legal deeds, files including information on names of previous owners, dates it changed hands, sale catalogues, old maps and plans. There may also be correspondence with bodies such as turnpike trusts, canal companies or railway companies where land has been bought or sold or records of legal disputes over boundaries.


In an archive repository

Ideas for use
  • To trace the history of a property.
  • To identify any interesting stories from its past - pupils could be asked to piece together the story of a dispute including trying to reconstruct any letters that are missing from a set of correspondence.
  • They could write a diary recording the arrival of a new road, canal or railway including how they felt about the changes it caused.

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