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Probate Inventories
Probate Inventory of Thomas Malpas 1587, reproduced by kind permission of Gloucestershire Record Office

These are room by room inventories of the possessions of a person who had died, often made by a group of their friends. There are a few from the Tudor period but most are from the Stuart period.

They give a vivid idea of how rooms were furnished and, as many people worked as well as lived in their houses, you can find out what tools were used by a particular tradesmen, what ingredients went into beer, or what animals were being kept by a farmer.


In an archive repository. The originals can be difficult to read. Ask if there are printed transcriptions.

Ideas for use
  • To help explain the layout of an old house or suggest a use for an old outhouse or odd shaped room.
  • To compare the possessions of a Tudor person with a modern person. Start by asking pupils to make an inventory of a room in their own house.
  • Visit the A2A website to search for probate inventories relating to your local area.

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