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How to find images of your locality

Given the large number of images on the site you should always be able find examples of buildings to illustrate your lessons but if you wish your students to use the site you will generally need to make a selection for them to work from or suggest areas of research.

Dean Locks, Shevington, Wigan, Greater Manchester - IoE number: 403048 © Mr Roy Finch LRPSThe most obvious way to do this is to confine yourself to a locality. The area you choose will depend on factors such as the age of your students and the project you are doing. It may also be affected by whether you are studying an urban or rural location.

Images of England allows you to search by a range of localities from a village or district to a county simply by typing in the name or clicking on a map.

There are two options for searching; either quick or advanced.

Quick Search

This simple search option is designed for people browsing the site and would be useful for students making a first visit to the site or for younger pupils.

  • type 'Wolverhampton' in the quick search box on the home page.
  • result 479 listed buildings that include the word 'Wolverhampton' in the Listing Description text, including some with Wolverhampton connections such as Thimble Cottage, Tewkesbury whose iron gates were made by the Wolverhampton company Bayliss Jones and Bayliss.
  • click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger version of the image and the list description text or
  • click Printer Friendly to Print out a list of the results.

Advanced Search

Shop in Saddler Street, County Durham - IoE number: 110526 © Mr Bob Cottrell ARPS AFIAP DPAGB Advanced searching requires you to register using your e-mail address and a password and is designed for people who wish to make a detailed or specific search. It is more suitable as the basis for a locality study as it searches the place name field and will give a more accurate definition of a locality. It also allows you to refine your search.

You may need to define the search and give students instructions to follow.

  • register as a user
  • go to advanced search
  • type Wolverhampton in the place name box
  • select the county - West Midlands
  • result 373 listed buildings where the county is like West Midlands and the place name like Wolverhampton - all situated in or near Wolverhampton.
  • Use Revise Search to set pupils searches to perform within the 373 Wolverhampton listed buildings.
  • for Example Type school into the building type box.
  • result 9 images of listed schools in Wolverhampton
  • Go to Printer Friendly to print out a list of the 9 schools where county is like West Midlands, place name is like Wolverhampton and building type is like school.

Within the advanced search there is also the option to select a locality from a map. If you want your pupils to see their town or village in its geographical context use this Map Search option.

  • choose 'Click here to search by map'
  • click in the appropriate 100 kilometre square
  • find the nearest town or village.
  • click to go to the map based on Ordnance Survey 1:250,000 data.
  • use the arrow keys to find your locality.
  • click on your chosen location to get the National Grid coordinates for a 2 kilometre square around it.
  • submit your search to view the results.

For more information on searching go to the Help page.

Please note that the inclusion of a listed building on this website does not mean it is open to the public.