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This timeline is based on images taken from the Images of England site and is designed to enable teachers and students to make an initial survey of buildings in their chosen location by historical period.

Moss Hall, Cheshire, image 057029 © Mr Howard W Hilton LRPS

A more detailed architectural timeline with further information about dating buildings and Flats in Harlow Essex, image 472019, © Ms Elaine Allen LRPSarchitectural styles can be found by visiting the 'Looking at Buildings' website produced in association with The Pevsner Architectural Guides.

It is important to remember that there is a considerable amount of regional variation in building material and style and that building styles sometimes continued to be used outside the defining dates of the appropriate period. This is particularly true for houses lived in by working people, generally built without the intervention of architects [Vernacular], as opposed to high status buildings, which were more likely to follow the latest architectural trend.

Click on the relevant historical period to find examples of listed buildings and typical distinguishing features to look for when dating other buildings in your area.

Modern        1901 - present
Victorian 1837 - 1901
Georgian 1714 - 1837
Stuart 1603 - 1714
Tudor 1485 - 1603
Medieval 1066 - 1485
Anglo Saxon

410 - 1066

Roman or earlier   pre 410


Please note that the historical periods covered are wider than those in the 'Building Period' section of the Images of England website in order to correspond more closely with the National Curriculum programmes of study.

Please note that the inclusion of a listed building on this website does not mean it is open to the public.