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News: 24 June 2019

Volunteer Profile
Peter Fuller is one of approximately 1500 active volunteers currently participating in the Images of England project. Peter has taken photographs of both Hastings and London. Here he reflects on his experiences while taking part in Images of England.
16th - 17th Century timber framed building, Hastings, East Sussex - IoE number: 293643 © Peter Fuller
Cobbled Street, Rye, East Sussex - IoE number: 291940 © Peter Fuller
My involvement with Images of England began while I was helping the Old Hastings Preservation Society. The society was creating their own database of buildings in the Hastings Old Town area.

When I attended the Images of England briefing session I was full of trepidation on whether I would be able to rise to the challenge. My mind was immediately put at rest when I saw the list of buildings that I had been assigned to photograph. They were all ones that I was familiar with through the Old Hastings Preservation Society.
The listed structures that I have photographed have been diverse including telephone boxes, railings, and bridges as well as terraces, warehouses and shops. I have also photographed some of the listed buildings in London. Probably the most gratifying structure to photograph was Tower Bridge. It is very difficult to photograph and I spent a long time getting the photograph composed in my viewfinder to try to do the amazing structure full justice. My photograph of Tower Bridge is currently going through the Images of England quality process but I am looking forward to seeing it on the website in due course.
Formerly known as the Angel Public House, Islington, London - IoE number: 369037 © Peter Fuller
A former laboratory built in the 1930s, Islington, London - IoE number: 369257 © Peter Fuller I am thoroughly enjoying my time with Images of England and it makes me very proud to be part of the team.

To view more of Peter's photographs click here.

If you are a volunteer photographer and would like to share some of your experiences while working on the Images of England project please send them to Alexandra Saxon:
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