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News: 24 June 2019

Volunteer photographers take up challenge in our Summer Competition
Some of our top 100 volunteers Earlier this year we set our volunteer photographers an additional challenge, not only did we want them to take fantastic photographs of England's listed buildings, we also wanted them to take as many photographs as possible in the summer months.

Considering that each photograph can take a volunteer several visits to a location to set up, requires the right weather and light conditions, plus all the accompanying paper work, this was no small feat.

But the rewards were worth the effort, if a volunteer made it as one of the top 100 volunteers who submitted the most films, they could win some great prizes such as a behind the scenes tour of the Sky professional processing department, films, hand finished prints, English Heritage day passes, discounted membership and vouchers to spend at Sky. The competition ran from 1st May to 30th September 2004, and what a competition it turned out to be. To give some idea of the level of completed photographs achieved during the time, no less than 164 volunteers submitted 2 or more films � that's a minimum of 72 photographs each in just 153 days!

And if you're thinking �I could do that, I can shoot a roll of film in an instant�, bear in mind our volunteers can only take one photograph of each building � they can't take a roll of film and then choose the best shot of the building. This means that each photograph takes planning to get the best light, choosing the right angle and even finding the building can take time.

So congratulations and well done to our top 100 volunteers and thanks to all our volunteers for all their hard work making Images of England one of the largest free on-line digital photo-library in the world.

Our top 100 volunteers for the summer 2004 photography season were:

Helmut Schulenburg, Warwickshire
Bob Cottrell, County Durham
John Burrows, Hereford and Worcester
Michael Perry, Somerset
John Sparkes, Somerset
Peter Tree, Cambridgeshire
Norman Wigg, Surrey
Roger Ashley, Northamptonshire
Adam Watson, Greater London
Derek Le Mare, County Durham
Peter Harnwell, Hereford and Worcester
Ann Allen, Devon
Derek Godson, Lincolnshire
Colleen Cole, Essex
Peter Keeble, Kent
Marcus Sleightholm, West Yorkshire
David March, Greater London
Peter Warwick, Hertfordshire
W Robin Hodges, South Yorkshire
Derek Wharton, Bedfordshire
Terry Abbiss, Somerset
Sarah McKenna, Gloucestershire
Ann Vint, Hereford and Worcester
Nigel Wood, West Yorkshire
Geoff Hood, Staffordshire
John Wright, Cumbria
Anne French, Leicestershire
T Krystyna Szulecka, West Yorkshire
Gordon Richards, Kent
Brian Edwards, Hereford and Worcester
Peter Briggs, North Yorkshire
Patrick Banister, Lincolnshire
David Garbutt, North Yorkshire
John Rendle, Wiltshire
Chris Tresise, Oxfordshire
David Robson, North Yorkshire
Alan Gude, Hertfordshire
Peter Karry, Surrey
Alistair Nisbet, Northamptonshire
David Clayton, South Yorkshire
Peter Read, Wiltshire
Angela Clark, Essex
John Cousens, Shropshire
David Brown, North Yorkshire
John Moseley, Oxfordshire
Derrick Chiverrell, Kent
Elaine Allen, Essex
Brian F Squires, Hereford and Worcester
Chris Broadribb, North Yorkshire
Alan Bradley, County Durham
John Washington, Surrey
David Easton, Hampshire
Michael Parker, Norfolk
Gill Cardy, Wiltshire
Chris Thoume, Lancashire
Richard Brown, Kent
Gordon Furness, Cumbria
Mike Withinshaw, Suffolk
John Giles Norfolk
Anthony Rau, Greater London
Derek Beauchamp, Dorset
Barbara Hilton, Devon
Duncan Miller, Dorset
David Morphew, Warwickshire
Stuart Brighton, Hampshire
Brian Harris, Lincolnshire
Brian Martin, Essex
John Chester, Somerset
Robert Vickery, Devon
David Cross, Merseyside
Roy Millett, Derbyshire
Graham Kirkpatrick, Devon
Richard Lloyd, Devon
David Brown, Lincolnshire
Andy Hibbert, Merseyside
Sean Bergin, Oxfordshire
Richard Swynford-Lain, Berkshire
Keith Hurst, Bedfordshire
Wilfred Winder, Essex
Peter Sargeant, Merseyside
Peter Ellis, Leicestershire
Peter Hyde, Lancashire
John Webber, Cambridgeshire
Ivor Corkell, Cornwall
Cyril Selby, West Sussex
F D Morten, Derbyshire
Michael McCloy, Cornwall
Anthony Chapman, Hampshire
Neil Bentham, Avon
Brian Lomas, Greater Manchester
Charles Cordy Simpson, Hampshire
Peter Butterfield, Cornwall
Clive Read, East Sussex
Terence Harper, Devon
Brian Roberts, Somerset
Richard Spreadborough, Cornwall
Judith Lloyd, Devon
James Brown, Lincolnshire
Andrew Taylor, Hertfordshire
Mary Allison, East Sussex

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