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News: 16 July 2019

The National Heritage List for England gives free access to over 400,000 entries

To access the records and datasets relating to England's designated heritage you used to have to search various different sources and websites, for example, Listed Buildings Online, Registered Battlefields or Parks and Gardens.

Now you can find them all in one place - on the new National Heritage List for England. You can search, for the first time, all national designation records; buildings, archaeology, landscapes and wreck sites. World Heritage Sites, Certificates of Immunity and Building Preservations Notices are also recorded on the Heritage List.

You can access the new list via the Historic England website or from the Heritage Gateway where you can cross search the Heritage List against local and national records.

Does it affect the Images of England website?

Not at all - Images of England is a historical record, showing you what listed buildings looked like at the turn of the 21st century. The listed building data displayed with the image is not current and relates to February 2001, showing a snapshot of the historical record to go with the historic image. For information on the current listed status of an individual building the place to look is The National Heritage List for England.

Why the new list?

Since 2002 we've been working with the Government, local planning authorities and the wider historic environment sector to improve the way the heritage protection system works in the interests of everyone. This ongoing process, known as Heritage Protection Reform (HPR), has already seen many improvements made to the way we designate and manage the historic environment. Two of the main aims of HPR include:

  • creating a unified approach to the historic environment
  • making the designation process more open and accessible.

The National Heritage List for England is an important step towards the unified approach, as well as making the data more accessible.

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